My Path to Minimalism

Several years ago I had my kitchen remodeled.  Everything had to be taken out of the old cabinets and the kitchen completely emptied of all contents… like we were moving…but instead of putting everything in moving boxes and taking it out of the house I had to find another place in the house for all of it.   This forced me to look at every single item I had stored in the cabinets and drawers, many items I had not used (or even seen) in years.  This was a good opportunity to weed out, throw out, give away… which I did with no holds barred.   When my new kitchen was complete I put things back in my brand new cabinets and… I had some shelves that had absolutely nothing on them!  Empty shelves in kitchen cabinets!  A liberating feeling to be sure.

I have since taken my empty kitchen shelves experience to a whole new level… the entire house.  Over the past couple of years I have gone through every room, every closet, every drawer, every shelf, every underbed storage container.  I have been merciless in getting rid of excess baggage in the form of clothes, jewelry, accessories, books, toys, furnishings, kids’ school projects (from 30+ years ago), more kitchen items, and even some memorabilia and family items that were stored away that I’ve come to realize won’t hold any sentimental value to anyone once I’m gone.   And I feel good about it.   I feel so good about it that I want to share the good, liberating feeling with others.  Minimalism is what it’s called, and minimalism is freedom.

The secret of happiness is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy LESS. 


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